Portrait & Intimate Wedding Photographer. Photographic Artist. 
Qualified Multimedia Practitioner. Mental Health Advocate. ​​​​​​​
My approach & philosophy...
- Authenticity - 
I don't capture cringe-worthy posed traditional photography, I believe in helping my subject(s) become as relaxed as possible. I will always support people in accepting themselves for who they are, by representing their true self through my lens. I see nothing but beauty when I photograph others, and I like to think that I help them to see that too. My approach is documentary and candid, although I find it difficult to describe my way of taking photos using simple "buzzwords" like these. I refuse to edit in a way that manipulates what isn't there, although I still do edit with extremely natural and layered digital refinements.

- Nature - 
I started my photography business with capturing wildlife and flowers. I still do this, so it's a massive part of my style and aesthetic. Nature has become the foundation to all of my inspiration. All of my sessions are primarily outdoors in parks and gardens. I'm huge believer in grounding ourselves in the great outdoors, so I like to give this experience to my subjects while taking their photos. 
The other reason I choose to have the sessions outside, is because I only work with natural light. I'm also a huge fan of golden hour (the last hour of light before sunset).  

- Emotion - 
I want to see lots of natural giggles and smiles while I'm taking photos, however I'm never afraid of raw emotions. I'm extremely open with my clients on a session, I may even ask my subject questions that they may have never thought about before. I always end up building a friendship with my subject, because often they begin to open up in front of the camera, and share their story with me. This is so important to my approach to photography, because it's all about narrative. I love working with all people, so no matter your story, I would love to capture it. 
My story...
I'm a graduate in Media Production who has spent the last nine years in education studying everything about cameras, design, technology and people. I fell in love with photography and filmmaking from a very young age, because my little sister could draw like Picasso and I couldn't - and no, I still can't draw like she can! Today, a lot of my visual artwork and photographic portraits explore concepts surrounding authenticity, narrative and wellness.
I see photography as a tool for therapeutic practices. After the sudden passing of my father in 2018, and dealing with symptoms of depression and anxiety for most of my life; I decided that practicing photography, setting up my business and taking my camera outside was my only answer. By focusing on nature and portraiture through my camera, it became an act of mindfulness. It honestly changed my world, and still, it gets me through the tough days. I'm proud to say that I'm now a mental health advocate, that consistently supports those that suffer in silence and help to raise awareness. 
In the future I hope to aspire others to use the wonderful camera tool, for their own wellness and lifestyle changes. I'm planning on studying a postgraduate in Art Therapy eventually, to teach techniques with clients as a fully qualified therapist. In the mean time, I'm offering my passion for photography to people, as they trust me and we capture 'life in the moment' together.
After I got married two years ago, to my best friend of over seven years, Samuel, I learnt the importance of capturing our special moments. I believe that my photography skills are here to serve others. I hope that by booking me, you can access a special place and capture your memories or heal. It is always such an honour to meet so many talented and unique people, that I wouldn't have met otherwise. 
Want to work with me? 
I'd love to and I cannot wait to hear more about you!
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