Following Guidelines:

Please ensure that you, the Client(s), are following the latest guidelines found on the UK government website, including hand-washing and keeping a minimum of 1 metre a part from the photographer wherever possible. Emily will not be able to touch you or your belongings on the day of the wedding/shoot. Therefore, Emily may ask you to place your belongings on the floor or to one side while we take photos or ask you to move hair away from your face. All of this is intended to achieve a great set of images. Emily will wear a face mask indoors and will carry hand sanitising gel. 
Emily will endeavour to also follow these guidelines herself, although please keep in mind it may be difficult to keep a distance from very young children. This is why it is imperative to ensure you do not have any symptoms prior to the shoot, and to keep an eye on the little ones.
Contracting Symptoms or Testing Positive:

Emily assumes you, as the Client(s) do not have any of the following symptoms: fever in the last 14 days and a new continuous cough. Also that you've not come into contact with anyone that has these symptoms within the last 14 days. If The Client(s) has had symptoms or tests positive for the virus, unfortunately The Client(s) must reschedule the wedding or photoshoot, so please make the Photographer aware as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of the Client(s) to ask and check that all wedding guests or other parties do not have any symptoms.
In the unlikely event that Emily contracts symptoms she will notify you immediately and will arrange an associate photographer or we may reschedule. 
Right to Withdrawal:

If the Client(s) do not follow the guidelines in place, The Photographer has the right of withdrawal and will not hesitate to report large gatherings to the relevant authorities.
Rescheduling due to Covid-19
The Client(s) are able to reschedule the wedding, however they must ask the Photographers availability on the new date in writing via email. If the Photographer is unavailable The Client(s) must ensure they find a new date that is available or accept an associate photographer.
If this is not possible please refer to the cancellation clause, as this would be considered a cancellation by the Client(s). Emily will endeavour to be reasonable and supportive during this process.
Please note that a new deposit may be requested by the Photographer to reserve the new date, and if the wedding is moved to a new date, The Client will be charged the Photographers latest pricing.  As the charges in the original signed contract are based on Emily Edgar’s current pricing at the time of booking. For example, if a wedding was originally in 2021, and the new date is in 2022, the Client will be charged at 2022 prices. 
The majority of photographers increase their prices as they purchase new and improved gear or as they become more experienced. Therefore, Emily would like to keep pricing fair to all Clients enquiring for the same year. 
If the Client can no longer agree to the photographer's new rates/pricing, The Client must reduce their coverage to match the total amount previously agreed or cancel the contract with the Photographer. In which case, you should refer to the cancellation clause.

Portraits and other sessions:
We will arrange a rescheduled photoshoot or The Client may gift their photoshoot to someone else. The original photoshoot must be re-scheduled within the same year of the original photoshoot date. If The Client would like to book further in advance, the original booking will be cancelled. The Client may rebook the photoshoot at the latest pricing, and any previous monies paid will be given as credit towards a new shoot. ​​​​​​​

Cancellations due to Covid-19
If the Client decides to cancel their wedding due to coronavirus restrictions and do not reschedule they may not be entitled to a partial refund, according to the CMA statement (linked below). However, as a gesture of good will from Emily, The Client may use existing monies paid towards a portrait photoshoot within six months of the original wedding date. Please note the deposit is non-refundable, as it cover services already rendered e.g. administrative fees, legal fees, my time and covers loss of business. 
Many Clients will not be entitled to a refund due to the original contract not being "frustrated". In all of my contracts I agree to capture your wedding day, and I do not specify or agree to any particular type of wedding or the amount of guests present, as this is the Client's personal preference. This means that if you need to change your guest list or get married at a new venue because of restrictions, this does not change the original agreement we made. I will still be able to photograph your wedding - as your legal ceremony and a smaller version of your reception can still take place.
Furthermore if a Client preemptively decides to postpone or cancel because they "think" or "believe" that it won't be able to happen, this would be treated as an ordinary cancellation or postponement. Unfortunately we must work from official and recent guidance from the government, no matter how much we believe the wedding will be effected. 
As such, it is very likely that no refunds are available under these circumstances. You should refer to my original cancellation clause under these circumstances:
“To receive a partial refund in the event of cancellation, Emily Edgar must be notified 60 days before the wedding day; if not, Emily Edgar will get to keep everything that has been paid for up until that point. Emily Edgar also has 90 days to refund the money upon receiving notification that the wedding was cancelled. Please note that deposits are non-refundable as per our agreement.”
In the unlikely event that all weddings are banned altogether and suddenly due to restrictions, Emily will refer to the latest guidelines from the UK government and will confirm our options at that time. It is only under this circumstance that you may receive a partial refund. For this reason, Emily does not ask for the remaining amount until 4 weeks prior to the wedding. Weddings in 2020 will be asked for the remaining amount 1 week prior to the wedding, due to the recent rise in cases currently. 
Overall, Emily suggests you consider a "micro-wedding"/ Elopement OR reschedule if restrictions are preventing you to create your dream wedding. Emily cannot be held liable to services not rendered. 

Portraits and other sessions:
Any Client who does not cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of session will forfeit the non-refundable deposit and all monies paid up until that point. If the Client does not attend on the day ("no show") the Photographer will keep and if applicable, request all monies due. This is due to loss of business. 
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